The Benefits of Power Plate

Power Plate Benefits

Key benefits of POWER PLATE®

There are many benefits of using POWER PLATE® which other Vibration Plates don’t do to the same extent – some don’t even come close:

  • Weight Loss – Speeds up metabolism to reduce body fat
  • Inch Loss – Tones and sculpts the body to define
  • Strength & Tone – Improves muscle tone, builds explosive power and endurance
  • Cellulite Reduction – Reduces the appearance of the ‘orange peel effect’ and increases circulation
  • Pain Relief – Can alleviate or reduce pain, especially sports-related pain
  • Flexibility – Increases range of motion, balance and stability
  • Bone Density – Prevents the loss of and increases, bone mineral density
  • Post Natal – Can help you to get back in shape after having a baby


The high speed workout uses vibrations to stimulate the muscles causing them to contract and relax 30 -50 times a second. In a recent study those that regularly used the Power Plate lost 50% more weight than those who followed more conventional training, including running and aerobics!

Benefits include:

  • Increased Metabolism – training intensifies fat burning and improves basic metabolism
  • Boosts Muscle Power – activates nearly 100% of all muscle fibres resulting in improvements in strength and stamina
  • Reduced Training Time – a total body workout in a speedy 25 minutes
  • Breaks Down Fat Cells – massage functions reduce cellulite and stimulate lymph drainage
  • Increased Blood Flow – improves circulation, flexibility and the ability for the body to heal and regenerate itself.
  • Improves Flexibility – intense circulation warms up the muscles and encourages tendons to be more pliable, enhancing flexibility
  • Increases Bone Density – reduces muscle wasting
  • Improved Co-Ordination
  • Low Impact – great for beginners and more hard core fitness enthusiasts.

Our clients range from people who don’t like spending time in gyms but do liked toned arms, mums getting their bodies back after pregnancy, men who think they are hard enough, girls who like to hula hoop, my mum who would never see me otherwise right through to seasoned marathon runners and serious sports people who want muscle strength without the fuss. The best thing to do is to come along and try a class – it works!

Power Plate @ The Vibe Studio

Get fit, get toned, get strong … FAST … at our Power Plate® classes. No more excuses! The express workout that really works. Classes for everyone – pre-work, after school drop-off, lunch hour, after work.

by Kate Thomas

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